Episode 2

Mommy Dearest

When new mother, Sara Raras, is found brutally murdered, police focus on her estranged husband. But, a jailed informer offers new information on an unlikely suspect.

Episode 3

History Of Violence

When Edwardyne Williams's body is found in the woods, police think it's a random attack. But, they discover the killer bore a grudge against her for years.

Episode 4

Gambling With The Devil

Yvonne Oulton's husband and son find her dead in her car near a casino. Police initially suspect a robbery, but CCTV footage points to an unlikely killer.

Episode 5

Murder In The Poconos

When 49-year-old firefighter, Benjamin Amato is found dead at the bottom of his basement stairs, suspicion falls on his much younger ex-girlfriend.

Episode 6

Lust For Murder

When Stacie Smith is found dead and an accusation that she was unfaithful is written on the wall of the crime scene, police believe a jealous lover is the culprit.

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