Episode 1

Test Pilot

Tim Kennedy learns the deadly job of a test pilot, from enduring G-Forces and hurtling out of a plane from 20,000 feet to escaping a plane engulfed in flames.

Episode 2

American Bullfighter

Tim Kennedy is in Texas to learn about the dangerously selfless job of an American bullfighter. World Champion Bullfighter, Rob Smets, teaches him the skills.

Episode 3

Bush Pilot

Tim heads to Alaska. To survive a job in one of the coldest environments, he'll have to escape the "Helicopter Dunker" and risk hypothermia in freezing waters.

Episode 4

Avalanche Rescue

Tim travels to the Rocky Mountains to train with an Avalanche Rescue team. He'll have to fight the effects of high altitude and survive being buried alive.

Episode 5

Bomb Tech

Tim Kennedy travels to California to learn how to be a bomb technician. He must pass a gruelling test to prove he has what it takes to join a live...

Episode 6

Commercial Fisherman

Tim heads to the Atlantic to train in the perilous world of commercial fishing. He learns how to haul in the catch and what to do when disaster hits.

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