Episode 1

Puppy Flipper Sting

Group founder Rob and investigators Marceline, Bill and Elle try to unmask a puppy flipper. Plus, Brian and Face look for a dog in a mechanic's hoard.

Episode 2

The Angry King

Rob and vet Moose investigate a claim about dogfighting, while Brian and Face try to help an aggressive dog on a chain. Plus, Dori helps a homeless vet, and his...

Episode 3


Rob and Dori try to rescue a dog from its chain, while Moose and Elle confront a man accused of animal abuse. Plus, Brian and Amanda meet a homeless veteran...

Episode 4

Doggie Drone Deployment

Rob and Elle investigate a claim about dogs on a hot roof. Meanwhile Brian and Face help a woman whose neighbour is provoking her dog.

Episode 5

Feral NightMARE

Dori revisits homeless veteran George to help clean his campsite and finds a surprise. Plus, Marceline and Elle investigate a claim about starving horses.

Episode 6

Bayou Rescue

The Guardians of Rescue are a group of former undercover cops, FBI, Navy Seals, Marines, and Private Investigators who make up the most effective animal rescue group in the US.

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