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Paranormal investigators, Brad and Barry Klinge visit two landmarks notorious for alleged paranormal activity. Their mission: use science to unlock the secrets of the dead.


Episode 1

The Innocent

The Klinge brothers detect paranormal activity in the basement of a notorious, abandoned Civil War era orphanage. Can they expel the spirit of an abusive matron?

Episode 2

Dead Will Rise Again

The team investigate paranormal activity on the Gettysburg battlefield before heading to the Jennie Wade house. Why does her spirit still stalk the cellars?

Episode 3

The Betrayal

The team explore the haunted corridors of an abandoned manor that was opened to house the homeless and insane, but became a byword for suicide and bizarre deaths.

Episode 4

Lizzie Borden

The team explore the haunted rooms of the Lizzie Borden B&B where Lizzie was accused of killing her parents. Can the spirits tell them who wielded the hatchet?

Episode 5

The Morgue

The team investigates a house where three kids are tormented by apparitions. Then they explore a hospital on the site of an old lunatic asylum - what haunts the morgue?

Episode 6

Eternal Home

The Ghost Lab team investigates the ghostly goings on at the Shanley Hotel, which is believed to be haunted by its former owner.

Episode 7

Theme Park of Death

The Klinge brothers investigate the grounds of an abandoned amusement park with a deadly history. Are the children who died here still haunting the fun park?

Episode 8

Afterlife Sentence

The Klinge brothers investigate the notorious West Virginia Penitentiary; are long dead prisoners still haunting its cells? Plus, an Ohio home is haunted.

Episode 9

No Escape

The Klinge brothers explore the Montana Prison; are the men who died in this brutal gaol still here? Plus, in Tennessee a couple fears a poltergeist is after their son.

Episode 10

Path of a Killer

The brothers investigate paranormal activity in an Iowan farmhouse where an axe murderer killed eight people. Plus, is the Million Dollar Bowling Alley haunted?

Episode 11

Behind Stone Walls

The Ghost Lab team investigate the Pythian Castle, where the spirits of POW's are said to be still behind the castle's walls.

Episode 12

Chambers of Horror

The team investigate 'The Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe', a horror attraction in Missouri. Later, they are off to gather artefacts found on the SS Myron shipwreck.

Episode 13


The team investigates paranormal claims in the town of Deadwood, which was once home to Sheriff Seth Bullock, Calamity Jane and was the site of Wild Bill Hickok's murder.

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