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The four experts travel to Idaho, where some students claim to have shot a video of Bigfoot. Will they catch a glimpse of Sasquatch themselves?


Episode 13

Squatching on Sacred Ground

The team receives a special invitation to investigate the Klamath reservation in Southern Oregon, where bigfoot sightings are a regular occurrence.

Episode 15

The Booger Hole

The team visits Mississippi to meet with a BFRO investigator, where they become privy to a secret spot where they are guaranteed to get Bigfoot action.

Episode 16

Skeptic Showdown

The team is in Arkansas, where locals have put up a sizeable bounty in exchange for proof of Bigfoots' existence. Can the team turn these doubters into believers?

Episode 17

Squatchy Tonk

A Bigfoot festival brings the team just outside of the music city of Nashville, and a bizarre revelation means a country star agrees to come squatching with them.

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