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8th February



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Voice of Terror

The FBI is aware of Omega 7's bombings and assassinations. What they don't know is the identity of a single member of this elusive group.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Dangerous Cause

In the 1970s and 80s, the FALN terrorist group was suspected of setting off bombs in the US. As the bombings escalated, innocent lives were lost.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

The Great Philly Mob War

Three armed men attack a man and flee the scene. Authorities are unable to identify the assailants but are convinced it was the work of the Mafia.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

The Shootist

The FBI matches wits with a cunning bank robber, a lone gunman responsible for the longest string of unsolved bank robberies in FBI history.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Rebellion in Paradise

FBI Files gets up close and personal with the Macheteros, a clandestine Puerto Rican liberation movement accused of numerous acts of brutal terror.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Terror For Sale

Chicago's Organized Drug Enforcement Task Force investigates the El Rukn gang, hoping to end one of the largest heroin/cocaine operations.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Death of a Diplomat

The dignity of Embassy Row is shattered as a bomb strapped to the undercarriage of a Chevelle kills a former Chilean ambassador to the US and his wife

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Deadly Payout

Two men wheel a photocopier into a Hotel-Casino in Stateline. A hotel maid passes by and discovers that it is actually a bomb...

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Operation Seaload

Operation Seaload charge the Medellin cartel with conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine thanks to evidence proving they were the New York brokers.

Coming Soon

Episode 10


The FBI, DEA, and NYPD struggle to quell the violence that continues to rage when gang members fire-bomb the home of a man who called police to report drug pushers.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Brothers Betrayed

When a key witness in a murder trial is callously shot moments after testifying, accusations fly. But were corrupt cops behind the vicious crime?

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Stolen Identity

Police find 80-year-old Florence barely conscious in an abandoned van beneath the body of her murdered son James.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Robin the Hood

Just days before Christmas 2000, Byron Chubbuck escapes from prison and goes on a robbing spree.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Independence Day Breakout

A convicted murderer breaks into the computer room of the New Mexico Penitentiary with a handgun and electronically opens the cells of 6 other inmates

Coming Soon

Episode 15

Bad Company

FBI agents and police track down a gang that specialises in armoured-car takedowns. As the robberies grow more violent, they launch a complex sting.

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Ivy League Murders

Susanne and Half Zantop are found murdered in their home. With no trace of forced entry, the FBI Behavioural Science Unit investigates the crime.

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Sniper at Home

A series of bizarre shootings terrorise the town of East Point. As the body count climbs, the killer taunts law enforcement agencies.

Coming Soon

Episode 18

Final Takedown

After more than a year on the run, notorious gang leader James Springette is captured in Medellin, Colombia.