Episode 1

Big Speed Gains

Mike and his friends try to add major speed to their 1985 S-15 truck. When they're finished, they'll see if it can beat Randy Pobst's Shelby GT350 Mustang.

Episode 2

Boosted Bird Vs The Draguar

The guys take on YouTuber and drag racer Cleetus McFarland. This epic battle pits the Draguar against a 1986 Ford Thunderbird.

Episode 3

Vette Kart Rally Racing

The Vette Kart has proven itself on a variety of courses. Now the guys are testing its capability against champion drifter Chris Forsberg.

Episode 4

K5 Blazer LS Swappin'

The guys pit their big red K5 Blazer against a local racer at the West Georgia Mud Park. They plan to give more power to the Blazer with an LS...

Episode 5

Nascarlo Vs Death Metal Charger

The guys want to see if Nascarlo or the Death Metal Charger is faster around a dirt oval. After a crash, the guys improve the Nascarlo's nose.

Episode 6

Dirt Drag Racing

John Andrade Jr. joins the guys in a messy battle. A '75 dirt-track Camaro goes head-to-head with a big-block-powered Toyota mud truck along a makeshift drag strip.

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