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A look at some of the world’s most outrageous penny-pinchers. From making their own reusable toilet paper to singing for their supper, these people take thrifty to the extreme.


Episode 1

All Wrapped Up

Todd is obsessed with preserving the value of his assets. To keep his home looking new, he wraps all of his possessions, from his car to his bathroom, in plastic.

Episode 2

Home Is Where The Cart Is

A flight attendant takes her boyfriend to the Unclaimed Baggage Centre to progress their relationship, and doorman RJ house-sits 365 days a year.

Episode 3

Cheap Hair Day

Kelley insulates her house with plastic and moves her Pilates studio into the home, and hairdresser Pelin seeks cheap bridal party products to cut her budget.

Episode 4

In Sickness And In Wealth

Karen and Barry hate the idea of spending money. From frying breakfast on the car engine to pulling out their own teeth at home, no saving is too small.

Episode 5

Pool Rules: No Spending

Jeni visits sports stores and uses the exercise equipment on display instead of a gym membership. Realtor Lisa spends just three dollars to sell homes.

Episode 6

Father Knows Debt

Patriarch Raul scours through vacuum canisters at the car wash to find spare change. Kia limits herself to one piece of gum, every three days.

Episode 7

The Grass Is Always Cheaper

Jamie's garden is made up solely of silk flowers. She wants to replace her whole lawn with artificial grass, to eliminate her landscaping bill.

Episode 8

Feast Or Famine

Cooking teacher Ron shows how to cook for lobster taste on a tuna budget. Rocker Goldy Locks converted a derelict hospital into her home for a fraction of the cost.

Episode 9

Nobody Pays Retail

Lydia scours the obituaries and visits surviving family members hoping to take the deceased person's clothing from them. Mason introduces his cheapskate family.

Episode 10

Diving For Dollars

With their wedding only days away, Ann-Marie and Peter save money by dumpster diving for decorations. NYC bartender Anthony seeks a cheap apartment to rent.

Episode 11

Guide To Love

From reusing funeral flowers for a date and redoing bedrooms with used hotel sheets to buying thrift store lingerie, love doesn't have to cost a thing.

Episode 12


Follow four Cheapskates as they journey across the land to make the most lasting memories while stretching dollars more than they've ever been stretched before.

Episode 13

Merry Cheapskate Christmas

From celebrating Christmas on 28th December to throwing a staff Christmas party with a zero-dollar budget, these cheapskates love a frugal festive season.

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