Episode 1

Wool Blanket, Baseball Gloves

The story behind how wool blankets are made. America's last ball glove maker reveals how they craft baseball gloves.

Episode 2

Vinyl Record And Airstream

The story behind how vinyl records are made using 1960s presses in Nashville. Plus, how are iconic Airstream trailers built?

Episode 3

Pencil, Pan, Baseball Bat

The story behind how a baseball bat can be chiselled from a piece of wood in 37 seconds, and how Minnesota's Bundt pan revolutionised baking.

Episode 4

Jelly Bean, Sign, Snowboard

The story behind how a manufacturer from 1869 makes jelly beans from the inside out, and how a Colorado company redesigns snowboards.

Episode 5

Banjo, Tile, Baby Shoe

A manufacturer shows how to make a banjo from raw wood in Southern California. Plus, the story behind making hand-painted ceramic tiles.

Episode 6

Rocking Chair, Skates, Pitcher

The story behind how a therapeutic rocking chair is built in North Carolina. Plus, a company show how they have made roller skates since 1945.

Episode 7

Hammocks And Hammers

The story behind how a riverboat captain created Pawleys Island hammocks in North Carolina in 1889 and how they have been handmade ever since.

Episode 8

Fly Fishing Rod And Tractor

Orvis fly fishing rods have been handmade for nearly 150 years. Plus, how has John Deere innovated the tractor since 1963?

Episode 9

Football And Cranberry Sauce

The story of the process of harvesting and canning Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. Plus, how has Wilson made footballs for over 100 years?

Episode 10

Surfboard, Saddle, Pool Table

The story behind how the horse saddle is made by hand in Utah and how the surfboard is crafted by a Santa Barbara, CA, surf legend.

Episode 11

Cowboy Hat, Skateboard, Cookie

The story behind how the cowboy hat is made to resist the elements. Plus, how did two men revolutionise the skateboard's design?

Episode 12

Washer, Lip Balm, Grill

How have washing machines made life more convenient since 1908? Plus, the story of how the first lip balm was created.

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