About The Show

Josh Gates embarks on the ultimate hunting expedition to find the Yeti, a legendary man-ape in the Himalayas. He meets renowned researchers and daring explorers.


Episode 1

Return Of The Yeti

Josh Gates heads into the Himalayas to obtain scientific evidence of the Yeti. This time his mission is personal and takes him into uncharted territory.

Episode 2

The Monster And The Mountain

Josh ascends higher into the Himalayas to explore caves. Plus, he investigates the mystical ties the fabled beast has with the Nepalese people.

Episode 3

Out Of Thin Air

Josh's quest takes him from the frozen slopes of Mount Everest to the isolated forests of Bhutan. He uses bait to try and force an encounter with the beast.

Episode 4

Unmasking The Myth

In the finale, Josh rafts into the remotest corners of Bhutan to capture some of his best evidence yet of the reclusive Yeti.

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