Episode 1

The Death Zone

Pilot Jason is called to rescue a group of climbers whose camp was wrecked by high winds, and Siddartha and Andy call on a woman who gave birth and is...

Episode 2

Top Of The World

With an injured hiker in the Death Zone, pilot Jason heads to the world's highest landing spot. Rookie Ryan seeks climbers stuck in a remote area of the Himalayas.

Episode 3

Flying Blind

It's monsoon season. Ryan fights the elements returning to Lukla with sick climbers. Andy faces a deadly blackout flying out to rescue a climber with a serious injury.

Episode 4

Summit Fever

The pilots are stretched to breaking point. Ryan confronts an uninvited climber trying to hitch a ride at 17,500ft and Jason attempts his highest ever rescue.

Episode 5

Life On The Line

Jason and Siddartha attempt a historic mission to prevent deaths along the perilous Ice Fall, and Lorenz has just minutes to save a local man with a head injury.

Episode 6

Do Or Die

It's the final days of the season and Ryan struggles to locate a woman suffering severe abdominal pains, and Jason battles to reach a collapsed climber in the Death Zone.

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