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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Tony's Brush with Death

Tony and Sampa, rescued from Angola, are leaving quarantine to start the integration process with the other chimps. But will everything go smoothly?

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Josephine's The Name, Trouble's The Game - Part 1

Josephine the chimp's introduction into the adult groups has everyone at the sanctuary on edge. Will it be successful?

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Josephine's The Name, Trouble's The Game - Part 2

Chimp Eden is in turmoil as Abu, the alpha male, is deposed. Will it affect Josephine's introduction into the adult chimp group?

Coming Soon

Episode 4

The Family Jao: Cheaper by the Dozen

The infant chimp enclosure gets ready to welcome new members Tony and Sampa. But the pending introduction worries both Eugene and Phillip.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

A New Home For Suzie And Lily - Part 1

Eugene is in Angola rescuing two female chimps, Lily and Suzie. But Suzie has a mysterious infection that could derail the operation.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

A New Home For Suzie And Lily - Part 2

Eugene starts to think that his journey to Angola to rescue chimps Lily and Suzie is jinxed thanks to one problem after another.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Seven Babies For A New Family - Part 1

Eugene returns to Sudan for his biggest rescue ever. Seven chimps are waiting to be picked up, but when one disappears, panic ensues.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Seven Babies For A New Family - Part 2

As the Sudan rescue reaches its climax, Eugene is struggling against food shortages, bureaucratic tangles and an unruly gang of baby chimps.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Life in Quarantine

The facility is filled to overflowing with ten new chimps, and they represent a perfect opportunity for Eugene to hone his hands-on rehabilitation.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Chimp Eden Casanova

Nicky was expelled from Johannesburg Zoo after he tangled with the females too much. But is love in the air as his old flame is transferred to Chimp Eden?

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Josephine's Day Out

Josephine the chimp escapes from the adult enclosure and goes on another adventure. Can she be recaptured safely?

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Zac, the Great Pretender

Tensions between alpha male Jao and number two Zac come to a head. Jao is wily, but Zac is younger and bigger. Who will emerge victorious?

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Tony's Brighter Day

Tony's cataract has left him blind in one eye. Will the implantation of a synthetic lens restore his sight? If the operation fails, his future is bleak.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

The Rise and Fall of Gida

Abu's death leaves Gida struggling for her place in the chimp hierarchy. Her health starts to decline, but is it due to a virus or a broken heart?

Coming Soon

Episode 15

Moving Day For The Adults - Part 1

The adults are becoming more like wild chimps every day - so, after months of preparation, it's time to move them to a less controlled enclosure.

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Moving Day For The Adults - Part 2

A seemingly minor bust-up between chimps Josephine and Jinga escalates, and Josephine escapes into the wilderness. Can she be found?

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Growing Pains for the Infants

How will Jao's infant chimp family cope with their move to the old adult enclosure? Can Zac seize his chance to unseat alpha male Jao?

Coming Soon

Episode 18

The Millennium Family

Martha, the new head of the infant chimp group, is having trouble interacting with the youngsters, and is rather moody after a shock from the electric fence.

Coming Soon

Episode 19

Coming Soon

Episode 20