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Veteran barter shark Gene and his new apprentice take on his arch rivals for a Prohibition-era kegerator but can Gene’s Southern charm seal the deal?


Episode 1

Mouth of the South

Veteran barter shark Gene and his new apprentice take on his arch rivals for a Prohibition-era kegerator but can Gene's Southern charm seal the deal?

Episode 2

Flirting with Disaster

Jimmy and Nicki scramble to find a replacement item for Friday's auction after Jimmy's flirting with a female rival costs them a deal. How will they get on?

Episode 3

Country Fried Camaro

To beat his rivals out of the deal, Ron reluctantly takes on a helper to procure a 96 Camaro, but a rookie mistake may ruin the car and cost him...

Episode 4

Stakin' the Bacon

Robert barters for a rare rodeo sign, but then he discovers it's stolen property. Doing the right thing may cost him and Gene their weekly paycheque.

Episode 5

Cajuns and Cooters

Ron learns the importance of relationships when Jimmy and Nicki scoop him on a deal. But will Cajun pride and ingenuity help Ron find a win in the loss?

Episode 6

Wheelin' And Reelin'

Andy and Fred barter for a go-kart with a goateed fledgling who they take under their bartering wings. Jimmy and Nicki trade for World War II memorabilia.

Episode 7

A Leg Up

Fred and Andy face-off with the legendary "Leg Man" for a rare Mustang Oil sign, but Fred takes a big risk to beat the notorious haggler. Will he come up...

Episode 8

Dead in the Water

Ron moves in on the turf of traders Fred and Andy, in the hope of securing a Feathercraft boat, but his maverick bartering tactics may sink the whole project.

Episode 9

Strange Bedfellows

Gene and Robert team up with Fred and Andy to shut Ron out of a deal for a racecar, but a disagreement over the refurb threatens their new alliance.

Episode 10

Trash Talks

Gene schools Robert on dumpster diving, but it's Robert unusual pick that gives them the upper hand in a trade-out for a Canadian Mountie canoe.

Episode 11

Buttin' Heads

Fred and Andy butt heads over a pair of goats. Plus, Jimmy is used to getting his way, but Nicki takes the lead in restoring a refrigerator in time for...

Episode 12

Cowboys and Engineers

Robert's lead on a Winchester rifle causes Gene to make a trade that could backfire if the rifle doesn't shoot. Plus, Ron battles Fred and Andy for a Chevy.

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