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22nd December


About The Show

Veteran barter shark Gene and his new apprentice take on his arch rivals for a Prohibition-era kegerator but can Gene’s Southern charm seal the deal?


Dec 22


Episode 1

Mouth of the South

Veteran barter shark Gene and his new apprentice take on his arch rivals for a Prohibition-era kegerator but can Gene's Southern charm seal the deal?

Dec 22


Episode 2

Flirting with Disaster

Jimmy and Nicki scramble to find a replacement item for Friday's auction after Jimmy's flirting with a female rival costs them a deal. How will they get on?

Dec 22


Episode 3

Country Fried Camaro

To beat his rivals out of the deal, Ron reluctantly takes on a helper to procure a 96 Camaro, but a rookie mistake may ruin the car and cost him...

Dec 22


Episode 4

Stakin' the Bacon

Robert barters for a rare rodeo sign, but then he discovers it's stolen property. Doing the right thing may cost him and Gene their weekly paycheque.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Cajuns and Cooters

Ron learns the importance of relationships when Jimmy and Nicki scoop him on a deal. But will Cajun pride and ingenuity help Ron find a win in the loss?

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Wheelin' And Reelin'

Andy and Fred barter for a go-kart with a goateed fledgling who they take under their bartering wings. Jimmy and Nicki trade for World War II memorabilia.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

A Leg Up

Fred and Andy face-off with the legendary "Leg Man" for a rare Mustang Oil sign, but Fred takes a big risk to beat the notorious haggler. Will he come up...

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Dead in the Water

Ron moves in on the turf of traders Fred and Andy, in the hope of securing a Feathercraft boat, but his maverick bartering tactics may sink the whole project.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Strange Bedfellows

Gene and Robert team up with Fred and Andy to shut Ron out of a deal for a racecar, but a disagreement over the refurb threatens their new alliance.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Trash Talks

Gene schools Robert on dumpster diving, but it's Robert unusual pick that gives them the upper hand in a trade-out for a Canadian Mountie canoe.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Buttin' Heads

Fred and Andy butt heads over a pair of goats. Plus, Jimmy is used to getting his way, but Nicki takes the lead in restoring a refrigerator in time for...

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Cowboys and Engineers

Robert's lead on a Winchester rifle causes Gene to make a trade that could backfire if the rifle doesn't shoot. Plus, Ron battles Fred and Andy for a Chevy.