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15th December



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Episode 1

A sick dog is brought into the clinic when he swallows something at home. Plus, Hector and Dr. Jeff head to an alpaca ranch and a puppy keeps having violent...

Coming Soon

Episode 2

One More Chance

Dr Jeff treats a seriously ill dog for a family who cannot afford vet care. Plus, a new member of the team tries to prove herself during a difficult surgery.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Rocks And Crocs

A cat with an appetite for unusual objects is brought into the clinic. Plus, one of the vets is forced to face her fears in order to treat her next...

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Whatever It Takes

Dr Jeff and Hector go up the mountains to help a pack of rescued sled dogs. Plus, a family make a heart-breaking decision for their piglet with chronic leg pain.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Mile-High Mutt

It's all hand on deck when an abandoned puppy hit by a car is flown in for emergency care. Plus, Dr Jeff comes face-to-face with North America's toughest animal.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Feline Face Lift

New to the crew, Dr Amy helps a family's cat whose jaw is badly injured. Plus, an owner brings in Spike, his dog who has been shot with buckshot.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Street Dog

Dr Jeff wants to help out Kyara, a Chihuahua mix with a fractured paw. But her owner's living situations may jeopardise her chances of healing properly.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

A Full Heart

Zelda, a golden retriever with a fractured leg undergoes a complicated surgery. Plus, Willie the goat pays the clinic a visit and a homeless beagle has major injuries.

Dec 15


Episode 9

Miracle Cat

Dr Kraft helps a golden retriever Abby who has been struggling with an eye injury for several weeks. Plus, a veteran brings in Dusk who has a potential tumour.