Episode 1

Episode 1

A sick dog is brought into the clinic when he swallows something at home. Plus, Hector and Dr. Jeff head to an alpaca ranch and a puppy keeps having violent...

Episode 2

One More Chance

Dr Jeff treats a seriously ill dog for a family who cannot afford vet care. Plus, a new member of the team tries to prove herself during a difficult surgery.

Episode 3

Rocks And Crocs

A cat with an appetite for unusual objects is brought into the clinic. Plus, one of the vets is forced to face her fears in order to treat her next...

Episode 4

Whatever It Takes

Dr Jeff and Hector go up the mountains to help a pack of rescued sled dogs. Plus, a family make a heart-breaking decision for their piglet with chronic leg pain.

Episode 5

Mile-High Mutt

It's all hand on deck when an abandoned puppy hit by a car is flown in for emergency care. Plus, Dr Jeff comes face-to-face with North America's toughest animal.

Episode 6

Feline Face Lift

New to the crew, Dr Amy helps a family's cat whose jaw is badly injured. Plus, an owner brings in Spike, his dog who has been shot with buckshot.

Episode 7

Street Dog

Dr Jeff wants to help out Kyara, a Chihuahua mix with a fractured paw. But her owner's living situations may jeopardise her chances of healing properly.

Episode 8

A Full Heart

Zelda, a golden retriever with a fractured leg undergoes a complicated surgery. Plus, Willie the goat pays the clinic a visit and a homeless beagle has major injuries.

Episode 9

Miracle Cat

Dr Kraft helps a golden retriever Abby who has been struggling with an eye injury for several weeks. Plus, a veteran brings in Dusk who has a potential tumour.

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