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About The Show

Features inspiring stories of animals from around the world in dire need, and the courageous men and women who go to unimaginable lengths to help them.


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Episode 1

Sam And Mel's Fight For Seals

The team at Ireland's only seal rescue centre recount their most amazing rescues. Egg was two months old when she had a flipper amputated.

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Episode 2

Baby Elephant Rescue

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescue baby animals in Kenya. They saved elephant Malkia when she was six months old. Now she's ready to go back into the wild.

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Episode 3

Twist Of Fate Farm

After rescuing abused and neglected horses, Ashley DiFelice started Twist of Fate Farm and Sanctuary. Now, she and her 5-year-old son welcome two dwarf ponies.

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Episode 4

A House Full Of Wombats

Donna Stepan runs Sleepy Burrow Wombat Sanctuary. When she takes in a new orphaned baby in critical condition, the next 24 hours become a fight for its life.

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Episode 5

Theresa And Scruff's Kangaroo Haven

Theresa and Tony "Scruff" Matthews turned their retirement home in Australia into a kangaroo rescue and are releasing three back into the wild.

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Episode 6

Roman's Freedom Ride

7-year-old social media sensation Roman McConn and his mum have saved over 1,500 shelter dogs by connecting them with adopters around the USA.