About The Show

Guy Fieri takes a cross-country road trip to visit some of America’s classic “greasy spoon” restaurants that have been doing it right for decades.


Episode 1

Mom's Kitchen

Guy hits the road for grub with a maternal touch. In Boulder, a mother-son team serves up Chinese specialties. In Columbus, a Jamaican joint dishes out jerk chicken.

Episode 2

Delicious Discoveries

Guy uncovers some surprises this trip, like the hidden gem tucked away in a grocery store that serves Nepalese-Tibetan cuisine, and an Afghan joint in Dallas.

Episode 3

Bird And Beef

Guy is after awesome avian food and beef this trip, like the Dallas spot smoking both duck and brisket. In Phoenix, a Mexican place dishes out barbacoa and gorditas.

Episode 4

All Kinds Of Comfort

Guy dives into comfort cooking. In Phoenix he finds a funky joint stacking up barbecue fries, and in Boulder there's a pizza place loading up the pies.

Episode 5

Rollin' In The Dough

Guy Fieri digs into dishes featuring dynamite dough. He checks out meaty buns at a Hawaiian joint in Arizona, and a shop in Miami making artisan doughnuts.

Episode 6

International Intrigue

Guy Fieri traverses the US, grabbing international eats from Thai in Texas to Ethiopian in Arizona. And, he visits a Latin place serving empanadas in Miami.

Episode 7

Lights-Out Latin

Guy checks out amazing Latin specialities from Peruvian sandwiches in Miami T Panama flavours in North Carolina to a joint in Arizona serving tacos and carne asada.

Episode 8

Pizza, Pork And Peru

Guy digs into pizza with a surprise in Lansing, MI, standout Philly sandwiches in Wilmington, NC, and authentic Peruvian specialities in Tucson, AZ.

Episode 9

Seafood And Savory

Guy checks out a Bosnian restaurant in Tucson, AZ, serving up Eastern European specialities to a place frying favourites in Wilmington, NC.

Episode 10

Grab And Grub

Guy grabs all kinds of grub, including a Chicago-style spot in Tucson, AZ, serving deep-dish pie. In Miami, NFL coach Jon Gruden joins him to check out a Cuban place.

Episode 11

BBQ Bites And Southern Flavor

Guy visits a Seattle barbecue joint serving up ribs and brisket chilli, and a Southern spot in California specialising in fried chicken and collards.

Episode 12

East Coast, West Coast

Guy hits both coasts for tasty dishes. In California, he grabs spicy pork and plantains and visits a bakery-restaurant serving up meatloaf in North Carolina.

Episode 13

Italian, Hawaiian And Colombian

Guy Fieri tries poke and island specialties in Hawaii and homemade pasta in California. In Miami, a Latin joint serves up tasty Colombian specialities.

Episode 14

Playin' Chicken

Guy plays a tasty game of chicken all over the US. He finds it Nashville hot-style in California and French-style at a pizza-pasta place in Seattle!

Episode 15

On The Hook And In The Bun

Guy reels in yummy seafood and serious sandwiches. He checks out a fresh poke burger on Hawaii and pork buns and dim sum chicken feet in San Francisco.

Episode 16

Fusion Of Flavors

Guy digs into a range of flavour fusions, from a Latin-Asian mashup in Chicago with paella and posole to a Hawaiian spot serving guava ribs and tropical pizza.

Episode 17

Tasty Traditions

Guy Fieri dives into dishes steeped in tradition. He checks out Russian piroshki in Seattle, and a hidden joint serving Hawaiian food to a Jewish deli in Chicago.

Episode 18

Far East Flavorfest

Guy Fieri cruises the states to check out Far-Eastern flavours, from chicken with an Asian spin in Seattle and Thai in Hawaii to modern Korean wings in Chicago.

Episode 19

Culinary Journey

Guy Fieri's culinary journey includes a Filipino-Hawaiian fusion in Hawaii that leaves diners speechless. And, a Spanish eatery in Chicago serves top seafood.

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