Episode 1

Lone Gold

Gold miners Boyce and Ben separately head into the bush of British Columbia, seeking the next big pay streak. Completely alone, they race against winter to hit gold.

Episode 2

Hell And High Water

Ben is running out of food, but sudden snow gives hope of tracking wild game, while a promising dig site prompts Boyce to haul in his mining equipment.

Episode 3

Wasting Away

Boyce takes a risk crossing a river to reach rich ground, whilst Ben rappels down a cliff. 68 year-old mining veteran John Belcik starts his descent into the Canyon.

Episode 4

Big Risk Big Reward

John's plans are derailed when a tree crushes his shelter. Ben finds the best dig site he's ever seen and Boyce's only shot at gold leaves him with dire options.

Episode 5

Dead Men Get No Gold

Ben's season may be saved with a kill, but gold proves elusive. John finds a promising dig site but his stamina is fading. Boyce must move 500lbs of gear.

Episode 6

Devil's Handshake

It's the final push before winter hits and season goals slip away. Pump problems for Boyce put his gold haul at risk, and Ben banks on his skills to survive.

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