Episode 1

That's A Wrap

The Irwin and Hartshorn crew face wobbly walls and stubborn floorboards are they bring down a TV station. Plus, Gumdale Demolition tear down an old orphanage.

Episode 2

End Of The Line

In the Gold Coast, a team bring down an old petrol station to make way for a new railway station. Plus, a demo team make an unsavoury discovery.

Episode 3

Mango Tree Mayhem

In Perth, the demo team face hurdle after hurdle at an old care home. Can they stay vigilant and keep their excavator clear of surrounding buildings?

Episode 4

The Bus Stops

Penelope's team must deal with a home riddled with asbestos before the situation turns deadly. Plus, a demo team bring down an old office in a bus depot.

Episode 5

Inner City Takedown

A demo crew work against the clock to deliver an apartment block to developers. Plus, another team remove 100-year-old hardwood beams from a historic building.

Episode 6

Western Australia Wipeout

In Cottesloe, a massive old house and granny flat are getting the old heave-ho. And, a team in Sydney take big risks as they tear down a furniture factory.

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