About The Show

Keith Barry is a mentalist, illusionist and expert in the fields of perception and deception. He uses his powers to read his subjects’ thoughts and control their behaviours.


Episode 1

Cops and Robbers

Can Keith read a police officer's mind while being tasered with 50,000 volts? And is it possible to know if a suspect is armed just by looking at them?

Episode 2

Dating and Daring

Keith believes mind reading tricks can help you get a date. Can he teach a couple of guys with no pulling power the techniques and turn them into players?

Episode 3

Used Car Salesman

Keith tests his powers of suggestion on car salesmen and turns his attention to their customers. Will he be able to read their minds and know what they're after?

Episode 4

Black Ops

Was hypnosis used by intelligence agencies for covert ops? And could hypnosis wipe out someone's identity or force them to act against their will? Keith finds out.

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