Episode 1

Making A Killing

To collect on her husband's life insurance policy, Michele Williams staged a lethal home invasion. And, two women enter murderous conspiracies with their lovers.

Episode 2

Lethal Lies

In a fit of jealous rage, Annette Cahill beat her lover to death while he slept. And, Margaret Vandergulik married a man only to kill him and steal his fortune.

Episode 3

Menage Of Murder

Catherina Voss and her lover, Michael Draven, hired a hitman to kill her husband. Plus, Grace Lusk shot the wife of a man she was in love with.

Episode 4

Evil Spirits

In Italy, a fortune teller's predictions turned lethal when she killed her clients in gruesome human sacrifices. And, a preacher turned witchery into wealth.

Episode 5

Killer Intellect

To avoid an expensive divorce, a young woman convinces a teenager to kill her husband. And, a cabaret singer resorts to murder to get back into the spotlight.

Episode 6

To Have And To Harm

A wealthy New York woman's hunger for money leads to the murder of her husband. And, desire for a younger lover turns a mother into a killer.

Episode 7

Flash Point

A single mum locks her disabled husband in a burning house to claim his insurance policy. And, a woman's husband reverts to an old habit she hates, ending in bloodshed.

Episode 8

Kill Their Creators

When a single mum with a history of drug use moves in with her mother and grandmother, it ends in devastating violence. And, a home chemist poisons her father.

Episode 9

Tainted Love

When a woman shoots her child's father, she claims it was self-defence - but the shocking act is captured on a mobile phone. And, jealousy leads a vengeful ex to...

Episode 10

Ice Cold

A drug dealing couple fleeing the law commit an even more heinous sin in an attempt to get fast cash. And, a jealous woman murders her landlord to try and...

Episode 11

Dangerous Liaisons

Loyalty to the wrong man causes a woman to lose everything, including her scruples against killing. A mother convinces her daughter to help in a murderous plot.

Episode 12


A woman consumed by jealousy kills a mother in front of her three-year-old twins. Debby uses a spade to kill a neighbour she has been feuding with.

Episode 13

Clean Hands, Dirty Deeds

Serial liar Uloma plotted to kill her husband and collect on his life insurance. Exotic dancer Robyn convinced her lovers to kill her ex-partners.

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