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18th November



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Beauty And The Beastly

A couple were excited about starting a new life together, but a custody battle for his two children is getting in the way. They come up with a fatal solution.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

A Family Tragedy

In Perth, Australia, Ella Hromaya's tense relationship with her daughter hits breaking point when Ella moves out of their shared home. It ends in a brutal murder.

Nov 23


Episode 3

Kill The Competition

Mary Jane Fonder was a confirmed spinster, devoted to her local church. When a new priest arrived, Mary Jane became obsessed with him and it ended in tragedy.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Fatal Love

A couple who ran a business together in Lincolnshire, England, were in serious financial trouble. But, instead of declaring bankruptcy, she plots his murder instead.

Nov 18


Episode 5

Without Mercy

In 2008 in Wigan, England, two women had an intense relationship. Becky wore Lyndsey down, abusing her psychically and emotionally and it eventually led to death.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Vow To Kill

In 2002, a woman who was caring for her ailing mother and unwell husband, felt like she was trapped. She felt her creativity was stifled and planned her escape.

Nov 30


Episode 7

Fatal Fixation

A woman went from dater to obsessed stalker. She catfished Dave Kroupa and tried to scare off any potential rivals - until one day, a rival couldn't be intimidated.