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Thursday 26th September at 12:00 am



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Married Today, Gone Tomorrow

After a widower marries again, his new wife soon becomes an evil stepmum to his kids. But when he tries to end it, she and her dad stop him -...

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Coming Soon

Episode 6

The Blame Game

The perfect housewife blames her husband's colleague for the breakup of their marriage. Despite a restraining order, she is determined to punish the colleague.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Love Turns To Hate

A young and attractive woman has married five times and is worried a court case will uncover her as a bigamist. She seeks the help of one husband to kill...

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Jilted And Jealous

In one of the most sensational crimes of the 20th Century, a rejected lesbian is devastated when her lover leaves her for a man. She seeks a deadly revenge.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Boiling Point

A beautiful woman with a history of false rape accusations is called out by her ex. When he refuses to drop battery charges against her, she seeks retribution.

12:00 am

26 Sep


Episode 10

The Takers

A woman with a gambling addiction married her older colleague. When she had spent all his retirement savings, she decided to kill him to cash in his life insurance.