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18th December



Dec 20


Episode 1

Screams Of The South Pacific

When Serena Karlan joins her boyfriend, retired NBA champion Bison Dele, aboard his catamaran she's ecstatic - until his estranged brother surfaces.

Coming Soon

Episode 2


In August 2012 a beautiful young woman, who had a difficult divorce from her husband, was murdered on her boat with her new lover. How did their love story turn...

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Dead Of Night

A retired couple leave home to sail to Thailand. Just as their dream becomes reality, utter evil strikes and a night of paradise turns into an unfathomable nightmare.

Coming Soon

Episode 4


Kelley and her husband love each other but disagree about their love of water. One day, she decides to surprise him on the boat, only for her and the crew...

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Lady Of The Lake

A seemingly perfect family love vacationing on the lake, but the husband's addiction gets them into a pit of despair. Soon, they're faced with unimaginable tragedy.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

What Lies Beneath

Lake Erie is home to more than 2,000 shipwrecks mostly due to its shallow bottom. For one local fisherman, navigating a double life proves just as treacherous.