Episode 1

Revenge Of The Nazi Doppelganger

New evidence suggests that Hitler's second-in-command was secretly replaced by a doppelganger.

Episode 2

Mystery At Alcatraz

Three inmates are said to have escaped from Alcatraz prison, but even today, it's never been proven.

Episode 3

Nazi Doomsday Project

Brand-new evidence reveals the secrets of a Nazi program to build a nuclear bomb.

Episode 4

Finding Amelia Earhart

Experts examine human remains that may finally solve the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

Episode 5

Hitler's Escape Enigma

Experts examine remains that could finally solve theories behind Adolf Hitler's possible escape.

Episode 6

Death Relic Of Christ

Scientists use cutting-edge forensic analysis to determine the truth behind the Shroud of Turin.

Episode 7

Antarctic Trail Of Doom

Newly uncovered evidence suggests that the first Antarctic expedition may have ended in sabotage.

Episode 8

Yellowstone Supervolcano

Experts reveal one of the world's largest active volcanos at Yellowstone National Park.

Episode 9

Secrets Of The Scorpion

Declassified documents point to a Cold War coverup in the wreckage of a US nuclear submarine.

Episode 10

Secrets Of The Sonic Weapon

Experts use forensic science to determine if a sonic weapon is engaged against diplomats in Cuba.

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