Episode 1

Episode 1

For four decades two global superpowers face off, poised for swift and terrible action. It is an arms race, a propaganda battle and a deadly game. It is the Cold...

Episode 2


As the arms race rages on the 1950s become a decade of paranoia. The threat of mutually assured destruction maintains the stalemate between democracy and communism.

Episode 3


The rivalry between capitalism and communism rages from Berlin to Havana, to outer space. Russia goes behind an Iron Curtain, spawning revolutions across Eastern Europe.

Episode 4

Cold War Hot War

It's the 1960s and the USSR places nuclear warheads in Cuba. The first US troops arrive in Vietnam and there's a high-stakes game of nuclear poker.

Episode 5

Peace And War

By the 1970s Stalin is long gone, but Russia's determination strengthens. Advances in nuclear technology have poured fuel on the fire in the international arms race.

Episode 6

Cold War II

By the end of the 1970s new hostilities emerge in the arena of international sports, and real conflict takes hold in both Afghanistan and Angola.

Episode 7


In the 1980s the battleground between democracy and communism shifts to the United States' own backyard - in the Caribbean island of Grenada.

Episode 8

Falling Dominoes

In 1989 a new era emerges as the Soviet Union withdraws from Afghanistan and the Berlin Wall is torn down, but the legacy remains in countries such as Romania.

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