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16th December



Dec 16


Episode 1

Episode 1

For four decades two global superpowers face off, poised for swift and terrible action. It is an arms race, a propaganda battle and a deadly game. It is the Cold...

Dec 17


Episode 2


As the arms race rages on the 1950s become a decade of paranoia. The threat of mutually assured destruction maintains the stalemate between democracy and communism.

Dec 18


Episode 3


The rivalry between capitalism and communism rages from Berlin to Havana, to outer space. Russia goes behind an Iron Curtain, spawning revolutions across Eastern Europe.

Dec 19


Episode 4

Cold War Hot War

It's the 1960s and the USSR places nuclear warheads in Cuba. The first US troops arrive in Vietnam and there's a high-stakes game of nuclear poker.

Dec 20


Episode 5

Peace And War

By the 1970s Stalin is long gone, but Russia's determination strengthens. Advances in nuclear technology have poured fuel on the fire in the international arms race.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Cold War II

By the end of the 1970s new hostilities emerge in the arena of international sports, and real conflict takes hold in both Afghanistan and Angola.

Coming Soon

Episode 7


In the 1980s the battleground between democracy and communism shifts to the United States' own backyard - in the Caribbean island of Grenada.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Falling Dominoes

In 1989 a new era emerges as the Soviet Union withdraws from Afghanistan and the Berlin Wall is torn down, but the legacy remains in countries such as Romania.