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Real estate and flipping expert, Christina Anstead, transforms her clients’ outdated properties into high-end, high-value homes in southern California.


Episode 1

A New Outlook

As Christina settles into a new home, she and James get back to work. Their first project is transforming a couple's cramped home into an open space for entertaining.

Episode 2

More Of The Warm Hug Home

Christina and James revisit clients who want to carry the Zen vibe into the rest of their home by renovating both of their bathrooms.

Episode 3

Put Another Dime In The Jukebox

Christina and James help clients revamp their kitchen, living space and bathrooms to better suit their growing family and refresh their home.

Episode 4

Big Family, Tiny Kitchen

Grade-school sweethearts enlist Christina's help to expand their tiny kitchen into an indoor-outdoor entertainment space for the entire family.

Episode 5

Outgrowing Old Spaces

Christina helps Amy and Scott transform their home into a more functional space that better serves their active family of five.

Episode 6

A Dog's Life

Christina helps fellow French Bulldog parents, Danny and Nicole, create a living space for entertaining their two and four-legged friends.

Episode 7

Vacation Vibes

Christina helps Terri and Sam create a five-star resort style primary bedroom that includes a bathroom doubled in size and a spacious walk-in closet.

Episode 8

Delays For Days

Christina helps couple Leanna and Chis renovate their 1970s-style bedroom. She transforms it into a peaceful space where they can unwind after a busy day.

Episode 9

Always Upgrading

Christina transforms a family home into a modern coastal retreat. Later, Christina and Josh upgrade their automated kitchen into a more functional family space.

Episode 10

Taking The Plunge

As homeowners Jon and Lindsay take on two renovations at once, Christina ensures the living area and kitchen match the updated pool and outdoor space.

Episode 11

Friendship For Ages

Christina helps childhood friend, Carlos and his wife Natalie, revamp their home. Plus, Christina's daughter, Taylor, is ready for a more grown-up style.

Episode 12

Renew For The Ocean View

Christina transforms Shawn and Michael's outdated coastal home into a modern-day retreat. She remodels the kitchen so they can enjoy their ocean view.

Episode 13

Every Foot Counts

Christina helps Jenny and Tobias renovate their cramped house for their family of five. While it has a stunning view, the home needs a functional layout.

Episode 14

New Bathroom, New Baby

Christina helps repeat clients update their primary bathroom, and Christina's pregnant friend enlists her to convert a spare bedroom into a nursery.

Episode 15

The 16 Year Kitchen

Engineers Cliff and Nadine have been planning their kitchen renovation for over 15 years. Now, they need Christina to bring their vision into reality.

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