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25th July


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Six incredible athletes prepare compete and chase glory in the biggest sporting event on the planet, the Summer Olympics. The countdown to Paris 2024 is on!


Episode 1

Dare To Dream

Sprinting goddess Dina-Asher Smith has her last chance for individual gold. Menno Van Gorp aims to become Breaking's first Olympic champion.

Episode 2

Mastering Time

The pressure is on surfer Vahine Fierro to qualify for her home games. Breaker Menno Van Gorp faces a first - and possibly last - chance to make it.

Episode 3

The Mind On The Trial

The athletes face their biggest test so far, the World Championships. How do they cope mentally with the pressure and train their brains to perform on stage?

Episode 4

Breathing Space

As the 2023 season ends, it's a final chance for the athletes to relax before Paris. How do these athletes find breathing space and reconnect with themselves?

Episode 5


After a disappointing season, three athletes try to maximise their opportunities in what could be their best or even last chance for Olympic glory.

Episode 6

The Weight Of Expectations

As Paris 2024 approaches, our athletes face intense pressure from fans, rivals, and even themselves. Can they maintain their focus for the final push?

Episode 7

Make Or Break

It's June 2024 and the six athletes are feeling the pressure. They make the most of the final moments before the Olympic Games.

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