Episode 1

The Bungalow - Part 1

Tommy Walsh and carpenter Alan Herd visit the home of Jon and Helen Clark to begin converting their Reading bungalow into a two-storey house.

Episode 2

The Bungalow - Part 2

With all the preparation done, it's time for Tommy and Alan to install the staircase and fit it with all the handrails and spindles.

Episode 3

The Bungalow - Part 3

With the stairs in place, Jon and Helen's old doorway comes out and the new porch is completed with a brand new roof, front door and side-lights.

Episode 4

Gaudi Garden - Part 1

Tommy and Alan recreate Spanish style for Louise and Andrew, as they construct a Gaudi-inspired garden complete with a curved wall and wavy pergola.

Episode 5

Gaudi Garden - Part 2

As work in the Gaudi garden continues, Tommy and Alan bring some of the Barcelona weather to Derby with ingenious underfloor heating below the patio.

Episode 6

The Glass Room - Part 1

Emma and John's unique house built on stilts is lacking in space. Tommy and Alan plan to create a glass-fronted room for them between the stilts.

Episode 7

The Glass Room - Part 2

After creating a wooden structure for the new room with Alan's help, Tommy calls on his glazier friends to copy the window style from the upper rooms.

Episode 8

The Glass Room - Part 3

Time is running out but Tommy still has a lot to do including fitting a sliding glass door and spiral staircase, reclaimed from elsewhere in the house

Episode 9

The Pub Cellar - Part 1

Rosemary and Fraser MacDonald enlist the help of Tommy Walsh and Alan Herd to turn an ex-pub in Wiltshire into a comfortable family home.

Episode 10

The Pub Cellar - Part 2

Tommy and Alan fit the dining room patio doors under the arch, which brings about an amazing transformation as work on the pub cellar concludes.

Episode 11

The Windmill - Part 1

Tommy and Alan begin work in Lincolnshire, turning the spherical cap of a windmill into a usable room by installing a staircase and a new floor.

Episode 12

The Windmill - Part 2

Tommy and Alan discover that renovating the cap of a converted windmill brings certain problems, including having to specially cut the wood.

Episode 13

The Windmill - Part 3

With the flooring and windows still to do, Tommy and Alan are up against the clock to finish the converted windmill. Is it a challenge too far?

Episode 14

Garage Conversion - Part 1

Debbie Greenstreet calls on Tommy and Alan's expertise to convert her garage into a useable living space. Removing the garage door is their first task

Episode 15

Garage Conversion - Part 2

Tommy and Alan add the finishing touches to the garage conversion, including not only insulating the room but sound proofing it as well.

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