About The Show

iPhones, dashcams, security cameras and news crews catch thrilling and dangerous moments from crimes, disasters and other public events as they happen.


Episode 1

Weekend Warriors

After a long, tiring week, millions look forward to unwinding. From day drinking to crazy house parties, things can get wild on the weekend!

Episode 1


Jewel thieves use their imagination for huge scores, ATMs face brutal assaults from heavy machinery and during an attempt to rob an armoured car, one driver becomes a hero.

Episode 2

Driving Disasters

Roadways and waterways are full of hazards and dangers. Cameras get it all on video when sailboats crash into piers and a woman steals a cop car.

Episode 2

Travel Hell

As travel reaches new heights, fights erupt in planes, trains, and automobiles worldwide. From road rage to high-altitude meltdowns, it's a wild ride.

Episode 3

Raids And Busts

Elusive criminals evade the law, but relentless officers track them down - busting smugglers, counterfeiters and hostage takers with cameras catching it all.

Episode 3

Nature Strikes Back

Just when humankind thinks they've conquered nature, nature fights back! From angry bison and gale-force winds to giant spiders and bear attacks.

Episode 4

Doorbell Camera Disasters

Absurd offenses and misdeeds go down every day in the USA. From porch pirates and scammers to car crashes, millions of cameras record the footage.

Episode 4

Stadium Smackdowns

At playoffs, concerts, or little league games worldwide, there'll be fists flying - from angry fans in the stands to parents yelling on the sidelines.

Episode 5

Vacation Mayhem

Vacations make memories that last a lifetime - both good and bad. These misadventures range from spring break smackdowns to terrible tourist fails.

Episode 5

Florida Man

From stealing gators to eating cheesecake naked in a swamp, the wildly unpredictable Florida Man has been caught on tape in his bizarre habitat!

Episode 6

Escaping The Law

Police use non-lethal methods to catch bad guys. An officer risks his life atop a moving vehicle, and an escaped convict puts on the charm to avoid being captured.

Episode 7

Indecent And Exposed

Disorderly conduct ranges from public streaking to getting personal in public spaces. A gas station dispute sparks a woman's explosive reaction.

Episode 8

Grand Theft Viral

When jewel thieves get stuck in a shop, a fleeing carjacker hides in a port-a-potty, and a criminal tries to escape, the law fights back and puts them behind bars.

Episode 9

Wild On The Water

The US Coast Guard and Marine Law Enforcement patrol the high seas. Officers capture runaway boats, rescue families, and outsmart drug traffickers.

Episode 10

Roadway Ridiculousness

The highway is a danger zone until law enforcement takes down the menacing drivers, from teens stealing police cruisers to aggressive taxi drivers.

Episode 11

SWAT Teams Unleashed

Elite police units execute daring raids and high-stakes takedowns nationwide, from Florida's fiery standoffs to tense hostage crises.

Episode 12

Caught In The Act

Bad guys sneak into pockets, purses, and beds. Some manage to escape, but others get caught - and face trouble like arrests, fights, and fiery revenge.

Episode 13

Disorder In The Court

Courtroom chaos is caught on camera! Shocking attacks, escape attempts, hostages taken, and stolen firearms make for a very dramatic day in court.

Episode 14

Prisoners Gone Wild

Prisoners worldwide craft daring escape plans. Will modern tech, disguises, and helicopters be enough to guarantee a smooth getaway?

Episode 15

High Crimes

In the US, 250,000 prison sentences are fuelled by drugs and alcohol per year. From big-shot drug dealers to inebriated road warriors, law enforcement juggles the chaos.

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