About The Show

iPhones, dashcams, security cameras and news crews catch thrilling and dangerous moments from crimes, disasters and other public events as they happen.


Episode 1


Jewel thieves use their imagination for huge scores, ATMs face brutal assaults from heavy machinery and during an attempt to rob an armoured car, one driver becomes a hero.

Episode 1

Weekend Warriors

After a long, tiring week, millions look forward to unwinding. From day drinking to crazy house parties, things can get wild on the weekend!

Episode 2

Driving Disasters

Roadways and waterways are full of hazards and dangers. Cameras get it all on video when sailboats crash into piers and a woman steals a cop car.

Episode 2

Travel Hell

As travel reaches new heights, fights erupt in planes, trains, and automobiles worldwide. From road rage to high-altitude meltdowns, it's a wild ride.

Episode 3

Raids And Busts

Elusive criminals evade the law, but relentless officers track them down - busting smugglers, counterfeiters and hostage takers with cameras catching it all.

Episode 3

Nature Strikes Back

Just when humankind thinks they've conquered nature, nature fights back! From angry bison and gale-force winds to giant spiders and bear attacks.

Episode 4

Doorbell Camera Disasters

Absurd offenses and misdeeds go down every day in the USA. From porch pirates and scammers to car crashes, millions of cameras record the footage.

Episode 4

Stadium Smackdowns

At playoffs, concerts, or little league games worldwide, there'll be fists flying - from angry fans in the stands to parents yelling on the sidelines.

Episode 5

Vacation Mayhem

Vacations make memories that last a lifetime - both good and bad. These misadventures range from spring break smackdowns to terrible tourist fails.

Episode 5

Florida Man

From stealing gators to eating cheesecake naked in a swamp, the wildly unpredictable Florida Man has been caught on tape in his bizarre habitat!

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