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Kev Green and angling expert, Martin Bowler, fish the Grand Union Canal, one of the largest and least pressured carp fisheries in the UK. Will they land some huge carp?


Episode 1

Episode 1

Kev Green and river carp expert Steve Broad track down roving shoals of secret carp that roam Northamptonshire's River Nene near Fotheringhay.

Episode 2

Episode 2

Top fish scientist Simon Scott joins Kev Green to reveal the secrets that allow him to ambush fish from within a few feet of the bank.

Episode 3

Canal Carping

Kev Green and fish expert Martin Bowler fish the Grand Union Canal which, at 137 miles long, is one of the UK's largest yet least used carp fisheries.

Episode 4

Carp Bait Challenge

Kev Green is joined by top carper Adam Penning and the lads go head-to-head to see which type of bait is best for big carp.

Episode 5

French Carping

In a quest for monster carp, Kev Green challenges top continental carper Brian Skoyles to bag a whacking great 40lb French carp.

Episode 6

Canadian Carping

Angling experts Adam Penning and Kev Green journey to the St Lawrence River in Quebec. But which baits will attract these colossal Canadian carp?

Episode 7

Floater Fishing for Carp

Kev Green joins up with floater specialist Gaz Fareham as they use a whole range of exciting floater methods to catch carp in Dorset.

Episode 8

Carp on the Pole

Kev Green has an angling masterclass with match-fishing legend Bob Nudd. He then attempts to win a carp match in Norfolk, fishing against the clock!

Episode 9

Episode 9

In Oxford Kev Green and Martin Bowler are fishing for carp with baits made entirely from supermarket produce. Who will land the biggest fish and win the challenge?

Episode 10

Episode 10

Kev Green is joined by particle bait expert Brian Jarrett at Weston Park on the Shropshire border. What is particle bait; and why is it so good for carp fishing?

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