About The Show

Don Wildman takes his thirst for adventure into terrifying new territory to explore mankind’s darkest mysteries.

From a midnight hunt for active vampires in the mountains of Bulgaria to a harrowing encounter with demonic spirits in the Virginia woods, each episode takes Don deep inside the deadly dangers of these buried worlds.

As he joins in taboo rituals, comes face to face with paranormal entities, and witnesses deadly practices, Don is on a quest to uncover the world’s most sinister secrets.


Episode 1

Temples Of Doom

Don investigates an ancient cult in Peru. During his trip, he uncovers evidence of a supernatural war and finds clues linked with bloody human sacrifices.

Episode 2

Voodoo's Dark Magic

Don uncovers the truth behind voodoo. Plus, in New Orleans he witnesses a top-secret ritual where a voodoo priest is reportedly possessed by the god of death.

Episode 3

Supernatural Nazi Weapons

Don gains access to the mysterious diary of an SS officer. His investigation leads him to a cave that was reportedly built to hide supernatural relics.

Episode 4

Curse Of The Druids

Don investigates ancient carvings in a British cave. He visits holy wells, dives into a mysterious shipwreck and meets modern day druids to learn more.

Episode 5

Vampire Hunt

Don investigates new evidence that could prove that vampires exist. In Hungary, he visits the subterranean prison that was once home to Dracula.

Episode 6

Devil Swamp

Don investigates reports of bizarre cult activity in the Louisiana bayou. Plus, he searches for a demonic beast rumoured to be hiding in the wetlands near New Orleans.

Episode 7

Demon Woods

Don heads to a town in Virginia to investigate a spike in paranormal activity being reported. He explores the theory that dark magic doomed settlers here.

Episode 8

Curse Of The White City

Don takes a trip to the remote jungles of Honduras to investigate an ancient city. He hopes to uncover clues about the secret city hidden there.

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