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Talented bakers and cake decorators compete to show off their kitchen prowess and create one-of-a-kind cakes. But will their creations impress judge Buddy Valastro?


Episode 1

Amusement Park Cakes

There's a lot of ups and downs, as talented baking duos take on a challenge they've never done before while creating spectacular amusement park cakes.

Episode 2

Princess Cakes

It's a battle for the crown as grandmother-granddaughter duos create elegant princess cakes worthy of royalty. Can these kids keep their quirky grandmas in check?

Episode 3

Sculpted Animal Cakes

Two parent-and-child teams get in touch with their wild sides! Buddy, wife Lisa, and head decorator Liz judge sculpted animal cakes.

Episode 4

Galaxy Cakes

Two couples shoot for the moon, as the bakers face off to make galaxy cakes. Will one team's ambitious plan launch them to victory?

Episode 5

Candy Cakes

Two mum-daughter teams make candy cakes for Buddy, his sister Lisa and Carlo's decorator, Jessica. This sugar high has one of the most surprising results of the season!

Episode 6

Gravity Defying

Two teams of bakers battle the forces of nature to create structures that trick the eye and don't come tumbling down for Mauro, Buddy, and his sister Grace.

Episode 7

Unicorn Cakes

Imaginations run wild as two mother and daughter teams try making unicorn cakes. Buddy, his sister Mary, and head decorator Liz decide which bake is the most magical!

Episode 8

Birthday Cakes

Two sets of twin bakers make multi-tiered birthday cakes for Buddy, Chad and Buddy's sister Mary. They must put sibling rivalry aside to get a taste of victory!

Episode 9

Food Fake Out Cakes

Two parent and child teams create food fake out cakes. Will a homestyle pot of chicken soup be able to compete with a giant ice cream sundae?

Episode 10

Sci Fi Cakes

The Force is in the kitchen as Buddy tasks contestants with making cakes that are out of this world. Mauro and Ralph help choose between a UFO or Zombie creation.

Episode 11

Italian Throw Down

Holy Cannoli! Two sister teams create cakes and Italian desserts. Which will impress Buddy and judges Joey and Chad with the familiar flavours they grew up with?

Episode 12

Halloween Cakes

Sibling teams bake and decorate their spookiest Halloween cakes! Buddy's sister Grace and Next Great Baker, Marissa Lopez, join him on judging all the gory details.

Episode 13

Cupcake Bouquets

Spring is in the air as the bakers create cupcake bouquets. Structure and overpowering flavour cause problems for each team. Who will be crowned the winner?

Episode 14

Sandcastle Cakes

Two mother and daughter teams tackle sandcastle cakes. Buddy is joined by his sister Madeline and pastry chef, Erin, to critique every detail.

Episode 15

Piñata Cakes

In a challenge full of surprises, two husband-and-wife teams create exciting piñata cakes. They aim to impress Mauro, Buddy and his head pastry chef, Chad.

Episode 16

Topsy Turvy Thanksgiving Cakes

Two cousin teams make Thanksgiving cakes. Buddy, head baker Joe, and Marissa have a hard decision as they taste sweet potato cake for the first time.

Episode 17

Sports Cakes

Pairs of cousins compete with their sports-themed cakes. It's a slippery slope for both teams, as judges Buddy, cousin Frankie and sister Lisa decide which is best.

Episode 18

Volcano Cakes

It's a battle of prehistoric proportions as the teams compete to make exciting volcano cakes. Buddy, his wife Lisa, and his cousin Frankie, choose the most explosive!

Episode 19

Gender Reveal Cakes

Two mother-daughter teams go beyond the traditional pink and blue as they try to impress Buddy, his wife Lisa, and head baker Joe with their gender reveal cakes.

Episode 20

Naked Cakes

Buddy, his sister Mary, and head baker Joe judge as two teams of family bakers take it all off and show their best naked cakes!

Episode 21

Wedding Cakes

Two husband-and-wife teams compete to create the best wedding cake Buddy has ever seen! Carlo's biggest love birds, Mauro and Madeline, judge these romantic bakes.

Episode 22

Fantasy Cakes

Buddy challenges two mother-daughter teams to make imaginative fantasy cakes. They must impress Buddy, Carlo's toughest critic Mary, and best sculptor Ralph.

Episode 23

Gingerbread Cakes

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas as mother-and-daughter teams battle it out to see who can make the most impressive gingerbread house.

Episode 24

Till Death Do Us Part Cakes

Husband-and-wife teams make cakes about their lives together. The judges must decide which cake has the perfect marriage of flavour, meaning and design.

Episode 25

Ombré Cakes

Two family teams use colour dye to fade the inside and outside of their cakes from dark to light. Head sculptor Ralph and Buddy's wife Lisa give their expert thoughts.

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