Episode 1


Jesse McClure travels the UK on the hunt for themed collectables. He begins in London where he visits a typical British car boot sale to search for British treasures.

Episode 2


Jesse heads to Blackpool on the hunt for collectable toys. He stumbles on a hidden treasure trove of pristine arcade games - but can he get it for a decent...

Episode 3


Jesse heads to an auction to find military memorabilia. He has to pull out all the tricks to win the bids, but will he gamble big on a WWII top...

Episode 4


Jesse goes on the hunt for British automobilia. The search starts small with classic toy cars, but the stakes are raised as he haggles over some money-making vintage signs.

Episode 5

Sport and Recreation

Jesse's search for memorabilia starts at a stately home, then a tip-off sends him to Manchester to convince boxer Ricky Hatton to part with some signed gloves.

Episode 6


Jesse heads to one of Britain's last curiosity shops, filled with everything unique and unexpected - from Pablo Escobar's gold plated hippo skull to shrunken heads.

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