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The group struggles with their decisions to return Amish or stay in the English world. Will Vonda decide to start over from scratch and find a new home?


Episode 1

Road Not Taken

A group of five young Amish men and woman decide to make a move that will change their lives forever. But chasing their wildest dreams may be easier said than...

Episode 2

On the Run

The group prepares to leave for New York. With the reality of leaving home, some of them learn the past they are trying to leave behind may be coming along...

Episode 3

Bright Lights, Big Sinners

The group sets out to explore New York. But, the spectacle of Time Square doesn't prepare them for the drama that is about to unfold.

Episode 4

House Divided

To move past all the previous drama, the group explores the Statue of Liberty. But an unexpected guest's arrival pushes things to a boiling point.

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