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True-life tales of dark family drama, in which the strain of sibling rivalries, family businesses and infidelities resulted in ultimate betrayals.


Episode 1

Bloody Valentine

Police are faced with a grisly Valentine's Day surprise when a body is found in a family home. Detectives follow a trail of secrets and betrayal to find the truth.

Episode 2

Burning Love

When a team of firefighters extinguish a burning truck, they reveal the charred remains of a human corpse inside. Detectives delve into the truth behind the crime.

Episode 3

A Deadly Education

When a family member is found dead and another in critical condition after a brutal break-in, detectives soon suspect that the culprit is someone close to home.

Episode 4

A Killing In Rotation

In Pueblo, Colorado, police visit a grim scene after a fire reveals a charred human corpse. Investigators find cracks in a large, multi-generational family.

Episode 5

Wasted Away

In Ohio, investigators hear someone has been kidnapped from their job at the bank in a car resembling a police cruiser. Is there a personal connection?

Episode 6

Thanksgiving Day Charade

On Thanksgiving, police officers on a welfare check uncover a triple homicide. They uncover a hidden world of disinheritance, rage, and dark accusations.

Episode 7

Brothers In Arms

In Queens, NYPD detectives find a bullet-pierced body in the trunk of a car. They end up drawn into a dark tale of brotherhood, backstabbing, and betrayal.

Episode 8

Sex, Lies And Videotape

A frantic 911 caller reports a family member dead. What appears to be suicide masks a secret world of sex tapes, broken promises and murder motives.

Episode 9

Deadtime Stories

During a welfare check, police find a body hidden inside a garden shed. The most shocking part? Another family member died on this property just two days prior.

Episode 10

Fatal Fuse

A homeowner is found dead on their driveway, riddled with bullets. A family-member claims to be a witness, but the chain of events raises more questions than it answers.

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