About The Show

Andrew Zimmern travels across the globe to try the world’s most exotic foods. He visits markets and restaurants to sample incredible and whacky cuisines.


Episode 1

Lewis And Clark Trail

Andrew Zimmern retraces the footsteps of Lewis and Clark in the Pacific Northwest. He tries Pacific lampreys, forages for barnacles and harvests sea salt.

Episode 2

Great Lakes

Andrew explores the cuisine of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Dishes include pork shoulder cooked underground, hearty pasties and whitefish from Lake Superior.

Episode 3

The Southern BBQ Trail

Andrew goes on a Southern BBQ Trail. He eats dry-aged brisket in Atlanta, liver nip dumplings in South Carolina, and raccoon hash in Georgia.

Episode 4

Civil War

Andrew samples foods that have sustained soldiers and civilians since the Civil War. Dishes include barbecued raccoon, squirrel stew and tooth-cracking hard tack.

Episode 5

Road Tripping Route 66

Andrew is on Route 66 to explore the iconic eats along the highway. He eats paddlefish roe, tries ranch dressing soda and judges a calf fry cook-off.

Episode 6

Cruising The Pacific Coast Highway

Andrew cruises up America's most scenic highway. He goes hagfish fishing, eats the reproductive organs of sea urchins and forages for molluscs.

Episode 7

Magnificent Mississippi River

Andrew follows Mark Twain's path down the Mississippi River for a taste of Americana. He tries frog legs, hunts wood duck and samples fish ribs.

Episode 8

Cajun Country Trail

Andrew heads south to explore Louisiana's Cajun country. He dines on blood sausage, feral hog meat and crab, as well as chewy ginger cakes and seafood gumbo.

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