About The Show

Following some of the most extreme and unusual casualties arriving at four emergency wards across the UK, each episode tracks the patient’s case from diagnosis to treatment.


Episode 1

A Piercing Problem

A man locks his jaw wide open eating a giant sandwich, a girl accidentally superglues her eye shut. Plus, a bizarre medical procedure saves a woman's hand.

Episode 2

Navel Nightmare

A man has a peculiar growth bursting out of his belly button, and later a patient has accidentally nailed his hand to a plank with a nail-gun.

Episode 3

Pole In the Head

A patient swallows her dental braces, so doctors must fish them out of her intestines, and a Brazilian man has his head skewered by a pole but somehow survives.

Episode 4

Arrow Through the Neck

A man survives having an arrow fired through his neck and a boy has his fingertip in a tissue, after chopping it off with a bike wheel.

Episode 5

Nacho Average Injury

A woman survives having a live grenade embedded in her face, and a man's tongue bleeds non-stop for four hours after eating a sharp-edged nacho.

Episode 6

Secondhand Hand

A woman has tried to treat her burnt arm with butter and tomato sauce and kids whose craze for 'free-running' has sent them backflipping their way into hospital.

Episode 7

Freaky Finger

A man has swallowed his false teeth, a patient has got his testicles in a twist and a man who was shot in the head with a fishing spear lives...

Episode 8

An Electrifying Accident

A mum comes into ER after bouncing off a giant rubber ball. And, a man was given someone else's arms after his own were blown off in an accident.

Episode 9

Near-Fatal Slam Dunk

A boy enters the ER after swallowing a coin. And, the story of the Australian boy who lost three of his limbs in a basketball accident, but had them reattached.

Episode 10

Impaled On A Toothbrush

A man is at risk of 'muscle death' after being crushed beneath a car. A patient's tongue has ballooned to twice its normal size after being stung by a wasp.

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