Episode 1

Kiss Of Death

Cindy Thompson reconnects with her high school sweetheart and becomes pregnant with his child. But, not everyone close to them is happy with these events.

Episode 2

A Bitter Pill

After newlywed pharmaceutical rep Debbie Ashley is found dead in her car trunk, police suspect gang involvement. But soon, a stunning confession reveals dark secrets.

Episode 3

Little Shop Of Horrors

Aspiring architect Claudette Ficik charms everyone she meets with her warm personality, but one cold February day she disappears in broad daylight.

Episode 4

Murder In The Mortuary

Julie Bowling is a respected cancer therapist and funeral home worker. When she is murdered the focus turns to her husband's secret life and shaky finances.

Episode 5

Killing With Kindness

A friendly store cashier opens her home to those in need. But one takes advantage of her kindness, seeking more than just food and shelter.

Episode 6

The Predator Of Pleasant View

A 23-year-old woman finds support among the tenants of the Pleasant View apartments, until little dramas between friends and lovers lead to her murder.

Episode 7

Unholy Alliances

When a church secretary goes missing and is found dead, police explore if she's killed by a jealous new internet date or someone within her own family circle.

Episode 8

The Other Modesto Girl

The disappearance of Dena Raley-McCluskey was lost in the media frenzy over higher profile killings, until a bored cop stumbled upon her years-old case.

Episode 9

One Way Ticket Out

When a lifelong Long Islander, Donna Bocklet, announces she's moving to Florida, it sends a shock wave through her friends and family that ends in her murder.

Episode 10

The Body In The Cornfield

When the body of a maternity nurse is found in an Indiana cornfield, investigators soon find themselves circling the victim's two ex-husbands and daughter.

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