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9th December


About The Show

Meet more misbehaving pets including a house cat that swats alligators back into the swamp, a dog that steals coffee and a monkey that rides the family dog like a race horse.


Dec 22


Episode 1

Hard Heads

Features a cat that has too much catnip and knocks over the Christmas tree, a dog that ends up inside a toaster oven and a pet skunk that always gets...

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Can't Touch This

Owners wonder about their dog's intelligence, a balloon-popping bulldog thinks everything belongs to her and a cat steals from everyone in its neighbourhood.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Food Fiends

A dog loves all things ice cream and another dog keeps getting his head stuck in things. Plus, a parrot has a habit of rapping and swearing.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Monkey Business

Monkey Boo has free reign of the house and his owner's heart and Duke, a Labradoodle, is obsessed with getting into anything that might contain food.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Pampered Pets

Chocolate lab Max has his own private wing of the house and cool cat Didga rides her skateboard to the beach. Plus, a micro-pig keeps rummaging bins for food.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Dog Gone

A dog won't stop chasing an ice-cream truck until she gets an ice lolly, and a cat steals food and destroys the house. Plus, a rabbit keeps wreaking havoc in...

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Diggity Dogs

A dog digs ditches in its backyard and his owners use a bulldozer to fill them in. Plus, goats run amok at a birthday party and a dog steals underwear...

Dec 9


Episode 8


A pug is obsessed with pizza, and a dog tears up the house and the backyard. Plus, a horse keeps escaping its stall and releases the other horses.