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21st January



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Falling Down

Alene and George Jenkins are the perfect couple living a perfect life. But when they adopt two children, it triggers a dark spiral ending in an unspeakable crime.

Coming Soon

Episode 1

Two Families

Video footage, police interview tapes and courtroom footage reveal the double lives of the US's most terrifying killers and abductors before they were caught.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

An Open Relationship

On New Year's Eve, Brent Cotta's popular wife, Cassie, mysteriously vanishes. The discovery of a shallow grave leads to the emergence of a horrific truth.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

In Sickness And In Health

When outgoing Beth Spaulding and shy Jason Risenburg meet, it seems a perfect match. But a series of disasters rip apart this once-perfect couple.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Life Of The Party

When Doug meets Rose, they quickly fall in love and later marry. But behind the perfect façade seen in home videos, lies and deceit begin to surface.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Looks Can Kill

Rebecca Thudin was a successful, driven woman who seemed to live the perfect life. But, after meeting an older man at the gym, her life takes a dramatic turn.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Twice Shy

Carol-Ann and James Sharp seem like the perfect couple. But behind the veneer of happiness in home movies lie dark secrets - and an unlikely killer.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Double Cross

In a small town, the lives of two couples are unravelled by a series of betrayals, deceit and violence. How did a love affair result in a crime of passion?

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

When Dr Jim Kohnle is found dead in a fire at his family home, evidence and tip-offs lead police to question if it was an accident, suicide or murder.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Edge Of Reason

Todd and Rachel Winkler seemed to be a happily married couple. But, behind closed doors, the couple faced many issues and it eventually led to a brutal murder.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Momma's Girl

Arthur Burney was a fun-loving, protective father and grandfather. But, one day he walks out on the family after falling in love with another woman.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Too Good To Be True

Amanda Schmitt was doing her dream job nannying two children. Then, her relationship with the father turns romantic, but they don't get their happy ending.