Episode 1

Once A Killer

Joseph Green Brown was on death row for 13 years before his convictions were overturned. Decades later, he would be charged for the murder of his wife.

Episode 2

He Was Her Everything

Charlene Wold has a seemingly perfect family life. But her son, Logan, develops addiction problems that eventually spiral into a horrific crime.

Episode 3

With Honors

Day care worker Avis Banks and teacher Keyon Pittman quickly fell for each other. But a secret relationship would destroy their promising future together.

Episode 4

Episode 4

After two failed marriages, Tabatha Spake can't take much more heartbreak. Just when she finally finds happiness, a monster turns her dreams into a nightmare.

Episode 5

By Design

Talented artist Kira and marketing manager Matthew appear to be happily married. Until one day, a maintenance worker makes a grisly discovery.

Episode 6

What The Heart Wants

Seven years into their marriage, something changes between a husband and wife - and a dirty secret at work will lead to a deadly confrontation.

Episode 7

Stage Fright

Stephanie is a gifted stage performer and much-loved teacher. But behind closed doors, resentment and envy fester in her marriage, leading to a shocking 911 call.

Episode 8

It Could Be Me

Michelle Lira dreams of being a doctor, until one day a rollercoaster romance steers her life in a different direction, straight into a deadly ambush.

Episode 9

Say Your Prayers

When teenager LaTonya Taylor gets pregnant, her mum vows to support her no matter what. But someone's hiding resentment that will destroy the whole family.

Episode 10

About To Break

When newly divorced Wendi Davidson meets charming Brian Chevalier, it seems to be the perfect remedy for heartbreak. But all is not as blissful as it seems.

Episode 12

Tell Me You Love Me

Ashley Pittman thinks she met her perfect match when she marries Jeffrey Scott. But behind the closed doors of her new life, a secret threatens to turn deadly.

Episode 13

Dance With Me

Ramon Sosa is a father of three who runs a successful boxing gym in Texas. He feels like the luckiest man alive until someone marks him for murder.

Episode 14

An Uncomfortable Day

Property developer Robert Pann and trainee nurse Bernice Gray seem like the ideal match. But buried secrets are about to end this picture-perfect romance.

Episode 15

Broken Heart In Broken Arrow

Twenty-one-year-old mother, Lauren Kidd, always follows her heart. It leads her to happiness, but there's a darkness lurking that no one can stop.

Episode 17

Life On The Lake

Gil and his family are living an idyllic existence until an accident changes everything. Just as Gill seems to have moved on, someone close hatches a deadly plot.

Episode 18

Safe At Home

After years of searching for love, Doris thinks she's finally hit the jackpot with an old friend named Mark. But something dark is taking hold of their marriage.

Episode 19

It Was All Of Them

Divorced mum Krystal is delighted when she marries single dad Nathan. Little does she know, her blended family will soon turn into a nightmare.

Episode 20

Put Yourself Out There

Randy Ferguson's life changes forever when he meets single mother, Angela Phillips. But the beautiful life they build together hides an ugly secret.

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