Episode 1

Once A Princess

A millionaire doctor and his wife enjoyed a glamorous lifestyle. But, behind closed doors, they were troubled by deceit and violence which eventually turned deadly.

Episode 2

Brothers In Arms

Two men had been best friends since growing up together in California. What caused their relationship to break down in a devastating and bloody way?

Episode 3

Body Type

Lindsay and Jason seemed to be on amicable terms after agreeing to divorce. But, a brutal murder suggests there was more to their failing marriage than meets the eye.

Episode 4

Staten Island Love Story

A popular teacher is found dead in her Staten Island condo. As detectives dig deeper into the case, they uncover a wealth of secrets, lies and sins.

Episode 5

Flesh And Blood

High-school sweethearts appear to be living an idyllic life with their three small children. But, hidden tensions and addiction trigger a heinous double-murder.

Episode 6

Who Am I?

Dianne and Donnie settle down together in a wealthy Chicago suburb. They take the appearance of a power couple, but behind the smiles are horrifying secrets.

Episode 7

My Body

Sandy Miles and her daughter appear to have an unbreakable bond. When Sandy is found brutally murdered, the investigators can scarcely believe what they uncover.

Episode 8

Stay With Me

A couple get embroiled in a contentious divorce and a bitter custody battle over their son. The tension builds to a dark and bloody attack.

Episode 9

Have You Seen This Woman?

A couple raise their children in an idyllic rural town. But, their quiet lives are turned upside down when two of the family are found brutally murdered.

Episode 10

By God, That's Enough

In Texas, a talented young woman has dreams of becoming a lawyer. But, a whirlwind relationship with her boyfriend leads to a horrifyingly dark crime.