Episode 1

Run the Wickets

A former mayor of an Ohio town turns up dead in his hunting cabin. Detective Ryan Allar explores whether this is political retaliation or something more personal.

Episode 3

Drugstore Cowboy

To solve the murder of a respected young entrepreneur, Detective Dale Mason must navigate a tangled conspiracy and outwit a band of career criminals.

Episode 4

Prodigal Son

When a father of five is found dead on his kitchen floor, Det. James Colley must untangle a web of twisted relationships and bizarre fantasies to uncover the mystery.

Episode 5

Radio Silence

The body of a promising young radio host turns up near a road in south Houston. Det. Harris takes the case, and uncovers a tragic tale of love and deceit.

Episode 6

The Creek

A home health care aide's body floats in a rural Connecticut creek. Detective Garritt Kelly joins the investigation to bring justice to a community gripped by fear.

Episode 7

Death Roll

Gunshots ring out in broad daylight, killing a young mother of four. Veteran detective Louie Aguilera's pursuit of justice takes him across international borders.

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