Episode 1

Hazard Lights

The abduction and murder of a young schoolteacher shocks a New England town. Veteran investigator Robert Cushing is appalled by the depravity of the killer's plan.

Episode 2

A Face With No Name

The body of a North Carolina teen is found in an empty dirt lot. Det. Josh Hamilton traces a series of strange transactions to expose an ugly truth.

Episode 3

Fourteen Stories Down

When a realtor plunges to his death from the 14th story of a Miami high-rise, first responders assume suicide. But Det. Joe Shillaci suspects foul play.

Episode 4

Tale Of Two Knives

A med student is found pinned to her bedroom floor with a large knife. Det. Frank Dillard must use his interrogation skills to hunt down a serial killer.

Episode 5

Goodbye Horses

On Chincoteague Island, a young mother is murdered steps from a vacant summer home. Det. Danny Plott learns she was lured to her death by a mysterious phone call.

Episode 6

What She Saw

When a couple are killed in their bedroom in a Maryland town, Det. Joe Bellino wonders if the answer lies with their daughter, who bore witness to both murders.

Episode 7

From The Deep

Some three miles off the Jersey shore, boaters discover the remains of a 16-year-old girl. An unlikely clue leads detectives to a cold-blooded conspiracy.

Episode 8

"Murder, Murder, Murder"

A young woman is brutally murdered just steps away from an infamous homeless encampment. Detectives hunt for a depraved serial killer.

Episode 9

Black Water

In Pennsylvania, the body of a computer programmer is found submerged in a bathtub. Leads are scarce until detectives uncover a series of troubling voicemails.

Episode 10

Lights Out

A gruesome attack on an elderly couple leaves Phoenix police baffled. But a string of similar unsolved cases could lead detectives to the vicious perpetrator.

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