About The Show

Former Colorado law enforcement officer Chuck Zukowski and his son, Daniel, investigate cases authorities ignore for proof of UFOs along America’s infamous Alien Highway.


Episode 1

Missouri Mayhem

A series of recent UFO sightings brings Chuck Zukowski's team to Missouri, the home of the 1973 Piedmont lights incident. Is history repeating itself?

Episode 2

UFO Terror

A Missouri man who claims UFOs are stalking him contacts Chuck and the team for help. Their investigation uncovers a dark secret which may explain this reported activity.

Episode 3

Murder On The Prairie

A series of strange animal deaths and UFO sightings brings Chuck to Colorado. Reports of authorities ignoring these incidents suggest a government cover-up.

Episode 4

UFO Recovery

Chuck receives a map supposedly leading to a hidden cache of recovered materials from the Roswell incident. He and his team go on an epic treasure to find them.

Episode 5

Legend Of The Skinwalker

A recent creature sighting outside the infamous Skinwalker Ranch brings Chuck and the team to Utah to investigate. Evidence indicates it might be an alien.

Episode 6

SoCal Clusters

An ongoing series of UFO sightings off the Southern California coastline leads Chuck and the team to examine the link between UFOs, the military and the ocean.

Episode 7

Arizona Anomalies

A recent UFO sighting in Phoenix leads Chuck and the team to Sedona, AZ. They explore whether the area's energy vortexes act as portals for otherworldly visitors.

Episode 8

Escape From Area 51

After an informant tells of an alien that reportedly escaped from Area 51, Chuck and the team go to Tonopah, NV, to investigate whether it still roams the area.

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