Episode 1

Gargantuan Off The Grid

On the island of Sitka, Alaskan engineers construct a colossal dam to power the entire town. Plus, Alaska's biggest boat lift hauls a 400-ton fishing ship.

Episode 2

Beasts Of The Arctic

A rugged ship built to withstand tsunami size waves travels on a highway unlike any other in North America. Later, a fleet of machines combats a massive flood.

Episode 3

The Yeti Strikes Back

The Yeti, a machine with 588 sharp teeth, helps keep the coldest airport in America running. Plus, mighty tugboats chew through ice chunks in Alaska.

Episode 4

Bering Sea Giants

Alaska's Coast Guard fights risky waters to maintain buoys standing three stories tall. Plus, an army of Alaskans build a steel ferry - several tons at a time.

Episode 5

Warriors In The Last Frontier

A mega fish factory churns out 3 million pounds of seafood a day. Plus, a flying ambulance saves lives at 14,000 feet above Alaska's wilderness.

Episode 6

Behemoths Of The Bush

Only in Alaska can you find an airport made from nothing but water and ice. And next to a field of moose, 16 missiles stand by to prevent a nuclear...

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