Episode 1

High And Dry

Amputee Jeff and wife Carol need a liveable home, water, and a place to grow food. The Raneys build an entire cabin from scratch and harness a natural spring.

Episode 2


Soil poisoned by coal production hampers a Kentucky homestead. The Raneys must build a hillside garden on the only unpolluted land and find a source of clean water.

Episode 3

Flood, Sweat, & Tears - Part 1

A dangerous request from the Smith family in a Missouri flood zone forces the Raneys to build a dam and plan an entire cabin move.

Episode 4

Fire & Ice

The Raneys create their first-ever self-automated homestead in the fierce Alaskan wilderness while firefighters Kim and Casey Boespflug are away on duty.

Episode 5

Shock And Awe

Marty embarks on an ambitious, off-grid hydropower system following a storm. Matt creates a meat smoker, but a surprise accident leads to a construction site injury.

Episode 6


Marty helps Oregon homesteaders build a barn, Misty creates her first-ever subterranean garden, and Matt finds a humane approach to a mysterious predator threat.

Episode 7

Fury And Fire

Threatened by an approaching wildfire, Stuart and Toni Rinker need a solution to their failing Idaho homestead. But, Stuart opposes the Raneys' fire-proofing plans.

Episode 8

Line Of Fire

A homestead in danger of a raging California wildfire prompts Marty to clear cut surrounding trees and create an evacuation ark for the Grants' livestock.

Episode 9

Wisconsin Washout

The homestead of musician Lou and partner Stacey is threatened by water erosion and at serious risk from a torrential rainstorm. The Raneys come to the rescue.

Episode 10

High Country Bear Lair

The Counters moved to a remote plot in Colorado for much-needed tranquillity. But two years in, their crops are failing, and their teenage kids are bored.

Episode 11

Life Or Death In Michigan

The Dagues moved to Michigan's wilderness. But they have no power, predators killed their chickens and all their water must be hand-pumped from a well.

Episode 12

Quake On The Forty

The Raneys return to Alaska, but they find their homestead on complete disrepair. They race to build a steel tram before the deep freeze sets in again.

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