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The Epic starts on 24th October at 9pm.

The story of Ernest Shackleton and his crew’s escape from Antarctica is one of those that people would dismiss as unbelievable if it was a book or a film. After their ship the Endurance was crushed by the ice, and with the long dark winter looming, Shackleton realised he would have to go for help or all would die.

So Shackleton and five men left Elephant Island in late April 1916 on an 800-mile voyage across the notoriously treacherous Southern Ocean in the lifeboat James Caird to South Georgia, knowing that when they reach the island they had to climb the precipitous, heavily glaciated mountains to reach the refuge of the whaling station at Stromness.

Sir Edmund Hillary called it, 'the greatest survival story ever undertaken.'

The question: could the journey be recreated.

A crew of five British and Australian adventurers join. expedition leader Tim Jarvis, AM FRGS, to attempt became the first to authentically re-enact Sir Ernest Shackleton’s perilous voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia.

For even more on the incredible challenge, head over to the Shackleton Epic website.


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