Discovery Channel

People say the world’s getting smaller. Can’t say we’ve noticed.

In an age where you can fly anywhere, connect with anyone, and find out anything with a single click, we don't believe that it's all been done. We believe that there’s always more to know, to experience, to explore.

Not just the big stuff, like exploring the limits of outer space, or the depths of the ocean. (Though we do that too). But everyday stuff, like taking a alternative route to work. Talking to someone different in the office. Trying a new dish at lunchtime.

Every day we go in search of surprise and wonder. It’s not just our job. It lies at the heart of what we believe.

And if you share our view, we say come and join us. Make Your World Bigger. #MYWB

See how the faces of Discovery Channel are making their worlds bigger by sharing their passions, beliefs and motivations. HERE