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on the 21 Aug, 2011

Spies Beneath Berlin, Sunday the 21st at 10pm on Discovery History, tells the extraordinary story of the risks MI6 and the CIA were willing to go take to get vital intelligence during the Cold War.

It’s 1954. The height of the Cold War. As the arms race builds to a fevered pace, spymasters in Britain and America know they have to find a way of infiltrating the Soviet machine. They must find out what Russian intentions are…

This film tells the extraordinary true story of Operation Gold: the mission to build a spy tunnel under Berlin, one of the most heavily guarded cities in history.

Britain and the USA launched an ambitious covert operation. With nuclear Armageddon and World War III as ever-present threats, they targeted Berlin, a city cleaved in two by East-West tensions.

Their mission: to gain advance notice of a possible Soviet attack by tapping into Red Army communications.

They commissioned a top secret 500m tunnel to tap the phone cables of Red Army HQ in East Berlin. This massive undertaking would provide the espionage breakthrough they needed.

But the Allies themselves had been infiltrated by a double agent. Was the operation destined to fail?

Going deeper underground...

A section of the original Berlin tunnel as preserved at the Allied Museum in Berlin.

 (Allied Museum Berlin)

The story of the Berlin spy tunnel is one of the most exciting of the Cold War, and recent declassifications by the CIA have shed new light on what happened.

How did agents of MI6 and the CIA escape capture by East German and Red Army troops?

How did they tunnel half a mile through territory riddled with unmapped pockets of water?

And how did they keep a giant engineering project secret in this closely watched city?

Drawing upon gripping personal accounts combined with fresh scientific and historical analysis, this film pieces together for the first time the importance of a remarkable mission.

Watch Spies Beneath Berlin, Sunday the 21st at 10pm on Discovery History, to discover this remarkable story.

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