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5th July


About The Show

Count down through the world’s top 20 YouTube clips featuring brave human guinea pigs including: the US guy who flips cars and the Russian roof to roof jump.


Episode 1

Home Hacks

Featuring motorcycle chariot racing , a man who gives his friends a lift with his homemade Iron Man-style exoskeleton, a plane without wings, and a robotic insect.

Episode 2

Kings of Creation

Featuring a rope jumping car, a Japanese robot that never loses at Rock Paper scissors, and the Finnish guy who's made real life rocket boots.

Episode 2

Speed Freaks

Featuring a man who drives his car 1,000 feet over water, a shrimp with the fastest punch in the animal kingdom, bionic boots, and a car that jumps over a...

Episode 3

Born to Be Wild

Featuring a woman who lived through an avalanche, the Brazilian man who can hold his breath for over 22 minutes, and singing sand dunes in Morocco.

Episode 3

Fact or Fiction

Featuring skiing in Hawaii, a wingsuit pilot towed by a car, a close encounter with a great white shark, vertical driving, and a handgun trick shot.

Episode 4

No Limits

Featuring, the world's fastest electric motorcycle, a 90-year-old gymnast, and a skydiver and wingsuit pilot who create a human flying carpet.

Episode 4

Grand Masters

Featuring Canadian freestyle finger snapping, a Greek man who can drift two cars simultaneously, and a three year old that can sink basket balls every time.

Episode 5

Tested on Humans

Featuring Swedish inventors who test an inflating bike helmet, a man with eye-popping skill and two German RC helicopters that can lift an entire woman.

Episode 6

Lords of the Elements

Featuring levitating objects in Japan, an amazing solar powered car in German and a man who straps a jet on his back and jumps out of a plane.

Episode 7

Cowboys of Chaos

Featuring super-powerful magnets in the UK that can crush a hand, a homemade cannon in the Netherlands and a huge home explosion Norway.

Episode 8

Makers or Fakers

Unbelievable web clips where science spots the fakes- featuring a French underwater base jump, the Dutch tank brake test and the most amazing pool trick shot.

Episode 9

Epic Fails

Featuring a Canadian with a phobia of lobsters, the world's hardest tongue twister and the Russian paraglider who takes on an eagle and lives to tell the tale.

Episode 10

Urban Legends

Featuring the world's most dangerous electric bike in the USA, a human powered submarine, a New Zealand based flying hovercraft and a life sized Lego car in Australia.

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