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Mechanics scour salvage yards for vehicles they can sell for a profit. This crafty team must transform these scruffy wrecks into stunning vintage cars.


Episode 1

VW Golf - Part 1

Dominic Littlewood and Amanda Stretton scour scrapyards to find a suitable VW Golf to renovate for policeman Tony. But is a recovered stolen car a good idea?

Episode 2

VW Golf - Part 2

Dom and Amanda strike a criminally good deal on a nippy VW Golf for policeman Tony. But can they get this wreck up and running in time and on budget?

Episode 3

Ford Mondeo - Part 1

Ray and Sarah are looking for a luxury vehicle on a tight budget. Can Dominic and Amanda satisfy their upmarket aspirations?

Episode 4

Ford Mondeo - Part 2

Dom and Amanda fix up the Mondeo with time and money to spare. They decide to blow the cash on expensive extras, but how much bling can their budget buy?

Episode 5

Toyota Celica - Part 1

Dom and Amanda negotiate a great deal on a sporty Toyota Celica. Can they get it up and running on time and in budget for speed freak Stilianos Xidakis?

Episode 6

Toyota Celica - Part 2

Dom and Amanda work on the Toyota Celica but the door frame is badly damaged. Will they be able to get it running without blowing their budget?

Episode 7

MGF - Part 1

Matt dreams of driving a Capri; can Dom and Amanda find him one of these sporty 70s classic in a scrapyard, without blowing their budget?

Episode 8

MGF - Part 2

Matt loves the MGF; but can Dom and Amanda get this classic car up and running in time and on budget?

Episode 9

VW T5 Transporter - Part 1

Environmental campaigner Siobhan wants a recycled van to drive to work. Will a VW T5 Transporter fit the bill and the budget?

Episode 10

VW T5 Transporter - Part 2

Environmental campaigner Siobhan loves her scrapyard VW T5 Transporter; but will her insistence on making the van biofuel friendly blow the budget?

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