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A look at how aircrafts and pilots have shaped military history and how technology has impacted the advancement of aerial combat over the past 100 years.


Episode 1


The bombers of WWII were engineering marvels. From the bouncing bomb used in the Dambusters' mission to the B-52's first flight, what was their impact on aerial combat?

Episode 2

Bandits, Secrets & Spies

With the raising of the Iron Curtain, intelligence from within the Soviet Union was hard to come by. How did high-altitude spy planes overcome this problem?

Episode 3

Fight For The Skies

In the early 20th Century there was an arms race to develop military airplanes. With the advent of WWI, the British and Germans experimented with air combat.

Episode 4

The Battle Of Britain

A pivotal moment in WWII was the first ever major air battle. Hundreds of German and Allied planes fought for domination of the skies over southern England.

Episode 5

The Jet Engine

The development of the jet engine was a huge advancement that dramatically increased the speed and altitude at which airplanes flew. How did it change air combat?

Episode 6

Naval Aviation

Air power is very important in war but requires infrastructure such as airfields that limit where it can be used. How did naval solutions help overcome this problem?

Episode 7

The Battle Of Midway

Considered the turning point of WWII in the Pacific, this battle over four days caused huge destruction. How pivotal were aircraft in this major battle?

Episode 8

Crisis Ops

During the fall of Saigon, US helicopter pilots bravely flew through enemy fire to airlift civilians to safety. What impact did Hueys have on the outcome of the war?

Episode 9


Possibly the most critical asset on a battlefield are helicopters, considered the backbone of the military. How do helicopters help on both land and sea?

Episode 10

Top Guns And Tankbusters

The ultimate fighter plane, the F-22 Raptor, is a supersonic aircraft that dominates American airspace. What makes this plane the ideal superiority fighter?

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