Episode 1

Land Of Ice And Snow

Explores the wildlife of Northern Europe's frozen frontier, from the golden eagle in Scotland's Cairngorms to the polar bears of Norway's Svalbard Archipelago.

Episode 2

Rivers, Lakes And Oceans

Discovers the wildlife of Europe's waterways, including the world's only underwater spider, the European river otter, and the Danube delta's golden jackal.

Episode 3

The Alps

Discovers Europe's highest mountain range and one of its largest intact ecological ranges, home to specialised animal species including the alpine ibex and the grey wolf.

Episode 4

Forests and Woodlands

Explores the wildlife of Europe's astonishing woodland and forested habitats, including Europe's third largest predator, the Eurasian lynx.

Episode 5

Arid Lands

In Southern Europe the summer temperatures often exceed 30 degrees Celsius, where life is pushed to its limits in arid and challenging lands.

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