About The Show

The extraordinary real-life stories of men and women who believed they were happily married until the day they uncovered a shocking secret about their spouse.


Episode 1

What Happened Off Camera

TV news anchorwoman Marisa Burke and her husband Mark Kandel become the eye of a media storm when Mark's twisted double life starts making headlines.

Episode 2

Duty, Honor, Deception

When a colonel's wife discovers her husband's startling double life, she must choose between her own future and the good of the US military.

Episode 3

Bad And Blue

When Isaiah Carvalho meets officer Valerie Cincinelli, he thinks his dreams have come true. He soon learns she's not only cheating but also hired a hitman to kill him!

Episode 4

Unholy Matrimony

When a polygamous Mormon cult leader selects 16-year-old Carol Dennis as his next wife, it is only the beginning of her decades-long hell on earth.

Episode 5

The Knockout

Ramon Sosa, a former boxer, marries a beautiful brunette, and finds himself in the fight of his life after he receives a warning that his wife is hiring a hit...

Episode 6

Mark The Mark

Single dad Mark finds love with Charity. Just months after they wed, she depletes his retirement savings, and he learns he's only the latest in a string of victims.

Episode 7

The Shrink And The Siren

A student falls in love with an esteemed psychologist, but after his sudden disappearance she discovers he has been living a bizarre double life.

Episode 8

Love And Death In Vail

After a romance develops over a shared love of athletics, Shawnie moves to the mountains to be with Ron. But soon his erratic behaviour turns criminal.

Episode 9

Smoke And Mirrors

A nurse and pillar of her Cherokee community meets a caring stranger online and falls in love. But after they marry, she finds he has lived a lie for decades.

Episode 10

The Killer Beside Me

A single mum meets a single dad who seems like the perfect life partner. But he turns out to be a dangerous criminal, and only she can bring him to...

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