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The extraordinary real-life stories of men and women who believed they were happily married until the day they uncovered a shocking secret about their spouse.


Episode 2

Dr. Date Rape

Law student Jessika Rovell becomes engaged to a Philadelphia doctor who claims to be a Naval intelligence agent. She soon discovers he is a serial sexual predator.

Episode 3

Never Let You Go

Law enforcement student Amanda Sigers marries med student Sayantan "Sy" Ghose. When Amanda adopts her sister's baby, she discovers that Sy has a dark side.

Episode 4

The Bride Who Will Never Be

When Melanie marries James Addie, she believes she's found the perfect husband, unaware he leads a double life that one day will end with death.

Episode 5

Horror By Proxy

Sean Scott marries his high school sweetheart, Wendi Ellis. Things soon turn sour as Wendi racks up bizarre and destructive behaviours.

Episode 7

The Child Bride

Rising rock and roll star Jerry Lee Lewis dazzles thirteen-year-old Myra Brown when he comes to live at her Memphis home. Soon, he manipulates her into marrying him.

Episode 8

The Babysitter Killer

Recently divorced Brian Cargill thinks he's met the woman of his dreams. However, Kimberly Cargill is a master manipulator, and her violent nature leads to murder.

Episode 9

The Halloween Bride

One Halloween, Montie Smith meets 22-year-old Shaynna Sims. She sweeps him into a world of sex, lies and demented jealousy that leads to unspeakable horror.

Episode 10

The Hangman

School teacher and devout Catholic Tracey Wygant adores her husband, Chris Chanowitz. But a double life and a surprise gift turn her life upside down.

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